Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners


Your furry friends bring you a lot of joy and always keep you in a good mood. However, they are messy and can leave your home in shambles. Even if they do nothing your home can be full of fur and dander. To tackle that problem, you can search for “cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to keep your home clean. On the other hand, you can also use the following cleaning tips to keep your home clean.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Lint Roller – Every pet owner must have a lint roller with them. Lint rollers are excellent tools that can pick up hair from almost all kinds of surfaces. While a vacuum cleaner is necessary for general maintenance and cleaning of your home, a lint roller is an inexpensive tool that helps you pick up a lot of pet hair quickly as soon as you notice them or during spur-of-the-moment cleaning. For instance, if you have an unannounced guest, a lint roller helps you pick up a lot of hair from the visible spots in your home. It’s quick and efficient.

Vacuums need to be prepared by changing hoses and by changing the suction settings. They are also bulky and take a lot of time to move from one room to the other. If you have the budget, consider replacing your vacuum cleaner with a handheld model. They are extremely convenient and quicker than traditional models. Despite that, it’s impossible to beat the humble lint-roller in certain situations. They allow you to pick up hairs that were stirred and not sucked by the vacuum from virtually any surface.

  1. Keep a container and towel at the door – After a walk, your dog brings in a heap of dirt and mud into your home. Even if they are just playing in your properly trimmed lawn or well-maintained backyard, dogs like to dig, get their paws dirty and bring in some of the excavated earth back to your home.

The next thing you know, you end up scrubbing away the dirt from your floors for hours. It’s a nightmare if you have carpeted soft flooring. While dog mats do exist, most people fail to train their dogs to rub their paws on the mat when they enter through the door. That’s why it’s best to keep a container and a towel by the door. This way you can wipe off your dog’s paws as soon as they enter. You can also place mats and a small treat for your dog to wait on the mat till its paws are wiped clean.

  1. Deep clean those toys and collars – Deep cleaning pet toys and collars is something people rarely think about. However, it’s extremely necessary to maintain a clean household. Collars can get smelly very quickly since they soak up all the natural odor of your dog and some of the bacteria and microbes on its coat. Toys are not any better. In fact, the chewy ones are gross and full of saliva.

It’s best to throw the toys and collars in the dishwasher for quick cleaning. However, a more effective deep clean session would be to mix dog shampoo with hot water in a bowl and let all the collars and toys soak in it. Once they soak for around half an hour, give them a cold rinse and let them dry out. This kind of deep cleaning helps you keep the hygiene and safety levels of your home and your dog pretty high.

However, it’s also important to note that pet products can vary drastically. Some can be customized and are made from high-quality materials while others cost less than a dollar. If you plan to maintain the high-end collars and toys in good condition, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them to clean them.

  1. Deodorize with white vinegar – Your pets can leave a mess on your carpet from time to time. Unfortunately, pet urine and stool are extremely smelly and it’s difficult to get rid of that smell and stains even after a thorough cleaning. Now, that’s where white vinegar comes in. fill up a spray bottle with vinegar and spray it on the stains. Make sure that you don’t go overboard. The stains should not be soaked in white vinegar.

After the stains are sprayed with vinegar, let them dry out. The vinegar would soak up all the smell and keep your home smelling fresh. You can also mix in lime with the vinegar to go all-in on that fresh fragrance. However, make sure to spray a small amount of vinegar on the carpet in an inconspicuous corner. Some materials and dyes used on carpets may not take well to the acetic acid in vinegar.

  1. Brush your pets – Hair is the greatest challenge when you own a pet. While there are some breeds that don’t shed or shed very less, most breeds of dogs and cats shed a massive amount of hair. That’s why you need to maintain a strict cleaning and grooming routine for your pets. Make sure that you brush your cat or dog at least a few times each week or every other day.

You can also consult your vet about the grooming and cleaning routine and the type of tools best suited for that purpose. Some breeds shed a lot more than the rest and require special care. It’s especially important to brush cats since it helps you avoid many health problems like constipation and hairballs. Moreover, most pets including dogs and cats love to be brushed. It’s a great way to bond even more with your pets and let them have a good time.


Cleaning your home is a challenging task when you have pets, especially those hairy and fluffy ones. While the above-mentioned cleaning tips help you keep a clean home, it’s still a lot of effort. Instead, it’s better to leave the job to pros and hire them by searching for “cleaning services near me”.

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